Create spaces, places and tools to promote the transmission and transfer of knowledge

This section proposes methodologies and tools for co-creation and production that can be used to produce devices for the transmission and transfer of knowledge related to oral culture, wisdom and cultural knowledge collected during the process of consultation and research. The possibilities are numerous and diverse, ranging in scope in terms of transmission devices. Whether it be an exhibition, a website, a short, medium or feature-length film, an interactive space, a book or other medium, the design and production stages remain similar.


An individual or collective creation?

Designing a device for cultural transmission often requires several areas of expertise. It is therefore very common for the creative process to be undertaken in a co-creative manner. Obviously, the extent of the project desired also influences the number of people involved. This section proposes methodologies that can be adapted to the number of people involved. These methodologies remain relevant regardless of the nature of the project, individual or collective.