Knowing one’s history, the stories that have shaped our identity; our family stories, those of our community, our nation; and this shared collective history. Because our stories are part of history! For us, for our children, honouring the memory of our Elders and ancestors, for future generations, for a cultural and intercultural education that features our words and our points of view.

This toolkit is intended to constantly evolve; new tools and new sections will be added over time and it will be updated regularly. Do you have any tools to share? Send them to us at and we will include them!

Knowing and sharing our stories; we can do it. Through this website, we would like to support initiatives to document and express the historical perspectives of Canada's First Peoples. This toolkit provides you with approaches, practices and tools designed to facilitate collaboration, consultation, collection, documentation and design of culturally meaningful transmission devices.

Sharing our history; we can do it!