Thematic analysis with a focus group

One of the first steps of a consultation is often the thematic analysis with a focus group. This activity helps identify various perspectives of the same topic and provides guidelines for further development.


Discussion workshop regarding tangible heritage: archival photographs, objects, etc.

This workshop can be held among a community group, a family group or during individual interviews. Tangible heritage helps to revive memory. It encourages the expression of historical experience and facilitates exchanges and dialogue. Elders particularly like this type of activity.


Individual and group interviews

There are several ways of conducting individual and group interviews. For the proposed approach, the informal interview and the semi-structured interview are recommended since they enable the collection of content based on experience and nuanced narrative, the sensitivity and revelation of others.


Playful workshop with youth

The products for transmission and education developed from content of consultations are often addressed to young people, who are rarely involved in the consultation phase. Why not involve them during the research phase? Their interests and knowledge can certainly guide the collection process. Since it is not always easy to establish a dialogue with this age group, here are some ideas to make the meeting fun and enriching...


Intergenerational meetings

Creating contexts for intergenerational meetings and exchanges is a very effective and culturally significant method of consultation and collection, especially when dissemination and transmission of this content is addressed to a young public.



An open-line is generally addressed to the whole community. It allows for one or more questions to be discussed. It invites people of the community to express themselves on air. An open-line requires the collaboration of community radio.


Vox pop

An interview can be intimidating, thus the proposed “vox pop” method allows participants to express themselves freely, without the pressure of someone watching them or being asked an unexpected question.